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Aging unavoidably results in progressive decline of muscle strength, ultimately leading to compromised quality of life for the elderly. There are no pharmacological therapies currently available to prevent muscle wasting and the economic burden is expected to only keep increasing along with projected lengthening in life expectancy. Muscle stem cells (MuSCs), also referred to as satellite stem cells, are tissue-specific stem cells dedicated to the repair of muscle tissue and a target cell-type for muscle regenerative medicine. Several reports have attributed loss of MuSC regenerative capacity to changes in the aged systemic and local muscle microenvironments and not to intrinsic defects in the aging MuSC pool. A recent report by Cosgrove and co-workers provides compelling evidence contrary to this position and not only demonstrates that aged MuSC have a cell autonomous reduction in muscle regeneration, but also identify a potential molecular pathway underlying this decline in muscle function and even propose an exciting biomaterial MuSC ex vivo culture system to enhance muscle regeneration in aged patients.

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Regenerative Medicine: Research Highlights

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